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Hosp Physician 2009 May/June;45(4):29-32
A 31-Year-Old Woman Found Unresponsive with Tachycardia

Hosp Physician 2009 Mar/Apr;45(3):23-26
A Woman with Swollen Fingers and New-Onset Hypertension and Renal Failure

Hosp Physician 2009 Feb;45(2):31-32,38
Sudden Shortness of Breath and Bradycardia Leading to Dual-Chamber Pacemaker Placement in a 78-Year-Old Man

Hosp Physician 2009 Jan;45(1):39-42
A 61-Year-Old Man with Nonresolving Pneumonia and Bronchorrhea


Hosp Physician 2008 Dec;44(12):27-29
Sudden Blindness in a 50-Year-Old Woman

Hosp Physician 2008 Oct;44(10):43-47
A 5-Week-Old Boy with a 1-Week History of Vomiting

Hosp Physician 2008 Sep;44(9):44-48
A 40-Year-Old Man with Intermittent Right Lower Quadrant Pain and Increasing Abdominal Girth

Hosp Physician 2008 Aug;44(8):37-39
A 34-Year-Old Woman with an Unusual Rash

Hosp Physician 2008 Apr;44(4):21-24
A 60-Year-Old Woman with a Cecal Lesion Seen on Colonoscopy

Hosp Physician 2008 Jan;44(1):46-48
A 63-Year-Old Man with Fever, Chills, Dry Cough, and Dyspnea on Exertion


Hosp Physician 2007 May;43(5):61-64
A 43-Year-Old-Woman with Nonresolving Pneumonia

Hosp Physician 2007 Apr;43(4):31-32
Altered Mental Status in an 81-Year-Old Man


Hosp Physician 2006 Mar;42(3):43-46
A 60-Year-Old Man with Generalized Weakness, Weight Loss, and Right-Sided Flank Pain

Hosp Physician 2006 Jan;42(1):43-47
An Elderly Man with Hemoptysis and Acute Renal Failure


Hosp Physician 2005 Dec;41(12):22-24,32
A 54-Year-Old Man with Fever, Skin Rash, and Oral Ulcers

Hosp Physician 2005 Nov;41(11):17-20
A 55-Year-Old Man with Chest Pain

Hosp Physician 2005 Jun;41(6):23-25,40
A 93-Year-Old Woman with an Abnormal Electrocardiogram

Hosp Physician 2005 Mar;41(3):43-45
A 55-Year-Old Woman with Unilateral Facial Paralysis and Pain

Hosp Physician 2005 Jan;41(1):29-34
DxRay: A 70-Year-Old Man with an Abdominal Mass


Hosp Physician 2004 Nov;40(11):29-32


Hosp Physician 2003 Oct;39(10):45-48
DxRay: New-Onset Headache in a 71-Year-Old Man


Hosp Physician 2002 Apr;38(4):39-42
Pathologic: A 58-Year-Old Man with Diabetes Mellitus and Nephrotic Syndrome


Hosp Physician 2001 Jul;37(7):59-61,70

Hosp Physician 2001 Apr;37(4):60-62,84
A 56-Year-Old Man with Fever and Muscle Rigidity


Hosp Physician 1999 Aug;35(8):39-41

Hosp Physician 1999 Mar;35(3):51-52


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