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Past Articles in Hospital Physician
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January 2007 - Volume 43, Number 1

Clinical Review Article:
Acute Chest Syndrome of Sickle Cell Disease
Aaron W. Bernard, MD,
Zahida Yasin, MD,
and Arvind Venkat, MD

Resident Grand Rounds:
Calcific Uremic Arteriolopathy
Series Editor: Mark A. Perazella, MD
Contributors: Christopher L. Stout, MD,
and Macram Ayoub, MD,

Case Report:
C1 Inhibitor Disorder Presenting as Abdominal Pain in a Middle-aged Man
Govardhanan Nagaiah, MD

Review of Clinical Signs:
Clinical Signs of Acute Pericarditis and Its Complications
Series Editor: Bernard M. Karnath, MD
Contributors: Roxana Narat, MD,
and Bernard M. Karnath, MD

Case Report:
Intermittent Hyponatremia as a Clinical Presentation of Adrenal Insufficiency Caused by Pituitary Adenoma
Vikram Chandurkar, MD,
and Arshag D. Mooradian, MD

Letter to the Editor:
Antibiotic Regimens for Treatment of
Preseptal and Orbital Cellulitis

Carl V. Vartian, MD, Robert T. Carlisle, MD, MPH, and George T. Fredrick, MD

Rx Update:
Herceptin, Mirapex, Velcade

Infectious Diseases Update:
Risk of Decreasing Treatment Options in HIV-infected Patients on Partially Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy

Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus Infection in the United States,
1988 - 1994

Proton Pump Inhibitor Use and Clostridium difficile Disease in Hospitalized Patients

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Self-Assessment in Gastroenterology:
Gastrointestinal Infections: Review Questions
Douglas G. Adler, MD

Self-Assessment Obstetrics and Gynecology:
Pelvic Mass: Review Questions
Gerald J. Harkins, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Acute Chest Syndrome
Aaron W. Bernard, MD

Code Blue Stories:
Patrick Martin, MD

February 2007 - Volume 43, Number 2

Clinical Review Article:
Osteoporosis in Men
Kalleen Barham, MD,
Arthur Chernoff, MD,
and Catherine Anastasopoulou, MD, PhD

Pediatric Rounds:
Fever of Unknown Origin in an 11-Year-Old Girl
Series Editors: Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD,
and Patrick S. Pasquariello, Jr., MD

Contributor: Keith Herzog, MD

Clinical Review Article:
Evaluation and Management of Patients with Nonerosive Reflux Disease and Esophageal Chest Pain
Chadwick W. Hatfield, MD, and John M. Wo, MD

Case Report:
Hypokalemia and Thyrotoxicosis in a Patient with Quadriplegia
Nadear Elmahi, MD,
Muhammad Noor, MD, and Sunil Mehra, MD

Special Feature:  
Implementing the Chronic Care Model in an Academic Setting: A Resident’s Perspective
Andreea Coca, MD,
and Maureen D. Francis, MD

Rx Update:
Colazal, Cyanokit, Invega

Infectious Diseases Update:
Episodic Antiretroviral Therapy Increases Risk of Opportunistic Disease and Death

Fluoroquinolones Versus ß-Lactams for Treating Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

Reevaluation of the Quantiferon TB-2G Test for Differentiating Between Active Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacteriosis

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Self-Assessment in Neurology:
Movement Disorders: Review Questions
Gokhan L. Akfirat, MD

Self-Assessment in Psychiatry:
Tic Disorders in Children: Review Questions
John W. Thatcher, MD, and William R. Marchand, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Osteoporosis in Men
Catherine Anastasopoulou, MD, PhD

Code Blue Stories:
A Lot of Life Left in Him
Molly Imber, MD


March 2007 - Volume 43, Number 3

Clinical Review Articles:
Role of Electron Beam Computed Tomography in Detecting and Assessing Coronary Artery Disease
Amber M. Shah, MD, MPH, Adam H. Feldman, MD, MPH, David L. George, MD, and Daniel Edmundowicz, MD, MS

The Liver Transplant Patient Part 1: Managing Adults with Cirrhosis
Douglas M. Heuman, MD, HoChong Gilles, FNP, Adil Habib, MD, and Anastasios A. Mihas, MD

Case Reports:
Tuberculosis of the Biliary Tract: A Rare Cause of Biliary Stricture
Rupesh Prasad, MD, Daniel D. Buff, MD, Nathan Rothman, MD, and D. N. Reddy, MD

An Initial Diagnosis of Wegener’s Granulomatosis in an 82-Year-Old-Woman
Meena E. Lagnese, MD, and Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MD

Resident Grand Rounds:
Hypertensive Urgency and Emergency
Series Editor: Mark A. Perazella, MD
Contributors: Chirag K. Vaidya, MD,
and Jason R. Ouellette, MD

Rx Update:
Alli, Lialda, Yaz

Infectious Diseases Update:
Vancomycin Versus Cefazolin in Hemodialysis-dependent Patients with MSSA Bacteremia

Decreased Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in the ICU

Efficacy of MRSA Eradication Therapy

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Self-Assessment in Emergency Medicine:
Toxicology: Review Questions
Justin A. Barrett, MD, and Susan B. Promes, MD

Self-Assessment in Orthopaedic Surgery:
Disorders of the Hip: Review Questions
Brett R. Levine, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Electron Beam Computed Tomography for Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease
Amber M. Shah, MD, MPH

Code Blue Stories:
Know Your Patients
Lalitha Rudraiah, MD


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