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Review of Clinical Signs

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Articles are listed according to publication date,
starting with the most recently published issue.
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Hosp Physician 2009 May/June;45(4):44-48
Manifestations of Gonorrhea and Chlamydial Infection

Hosp Physician 2009 Jan;45(1):43-48
Manifestations of Syphilis


Hosp Physician 2008 Oct;44(10):25-30
Signs of Hyperandrogenism in Women

Hosp Physician 2008 Jul;44(7):45-51

Hosp Physician 2008 Apr;44(4):25-29
Cushing’s Syndrome

Hosp Physician 2008 Jan;44(1):33-38
Clinical Features of Systemic Sclerosis


Hosp Physician 2007 Oct;43(10):25-30,38
The Nephrotic Syndrome

Hosp Physician 2007 Jul;43(7):41-48
Acute and Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

Hosp Physician 2007 Apr;43(4):20-26,62
Evaluation of Hematuria

Hosp Physician 2007 Jan;43(1):45-50
Clinical Signs of Acute Pericarditis and Its Complications


Hosp Physician 2006 Oct;42(10):43-48
Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Hosp Physician 2006 Jul;42(7):61-66
Extraintestinal Manifestations of
Hepatogastrointestinal Diseases

Hosp Physician 2006 Apr;42(4):33-38
Clinical Signs of Marfan Syndrome

Hosp Physician 2006 Jan;42(1):39-42,47
Clinical Signs of Gout


Hosp Physician 2005 Oct;41(10):25-29
Pruritus: A Sign of Underlying Disease

Hosp Physician 2005 Jul;41(7):29-33
Approach to the Patient with Lymphadenopathy

Hosp Physician 2005 Apr;41(4):41-44
Signs of Dermatomyositis

Hosp Physician 2005 Jan;41(1):35-39
Easy Bruising and Bleeding in the Adult Patient: A Sign of Underlying Disease


Hosp Physician 2004 Oct;40(10):32-36
Anemia in the Adult Patient

Hosp Physician 2004 Jul;40(7):23-27
Acute Dyspnea: A Sign of Underlying Disease

Hosp Physician 2004 Apr;40(4):24-27, 38
Chest Pain:Differentiating Cardiac from Noncardiac Causes

Hosp Physician 2004 Jan;40(1):31-32
Woltman’s Sign of Hypothyroidism


Hosp Physician 2003 Nov;39(11):15-18
Retinal Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension

Hosp Physician 2003 Sep;39(9):25-27
Digital Clubbing: A Sign of Underlying Disease

Hosp Physician 2003 Jul;39(7):14-16,28
Stigmata of Chronic Liver Disease

Hosp Physician 2003 May;39(5):39-44,56
Clinical Signs of Low Back Pain

Hosp Physician 2003 Mar;39(3):24-29
Common Musculoskeletal Problems of the Lower Extremities

Hosp Physician 2003 Jan;39(1):48-52, 71
Common Musculoskeletal Problems of the Upper Extremity


Hosp Physician 2002 Nov;38(11):45-50
Acute Abdominal Pain

Hosp Physician 2002 Sep;38(9):39-43
Auscultation of the Heart

Hosp Physician 2002 Jul;38(7):20-24
Precordial and Carotid Pulse Palpation

Hosp Physician 2002 May;38(5):43-47
Inspection of Neck Veins

Hosp Physician 2002 Mar;38(3):33-37
Sources of Error in Blood Pressure Measurement

Hosp Physician 2002 Jan;38(1):22-26
Pulmonary Auscultation


Hosp Physician 2001 Nov;37(11):51-53, 59
Ocular Signs of Hyperlipidemia

Hosp Physician 2001 Sep;37(9):27-30
Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Hosp Physician 2001 Jul;37(7):29-31, 38
Heberden’s Nodes

Hosp Physician 2001 May;37(5):33-35, 44
Sister Joseph’s Nodule

Hosp Physician 2001 Mar;37(3):22-24
Homan’s Sign in the Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis

Hosp Physician 2001 Jan;37(1):23-24
Nikolsky’s Sign in Autoimmune Skin Disorders


Hosp Physician 2000 Nov;36(11):51-52, 70
Murphy’s Sign of Cholecystitis

Hosp Physician 2000 Sep;36(9):31-36
Medical Percussion

Hosp Physician 2000 Jul;36(7):39-44
Tinel’s Sign and Phalen’s Maneuver: Physical Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hosp Physician 2000 May;36(5):41-46
Peripheral Signs of Endocarditis

Hosp Physician 2000 Mar;36(3):43-45
Signs of Hypocalcemia: Chvosteck’s and Trousseau’s Signs

Hosp Physician 2000 Jan;36(1):49-50
Pulsus Paradoxus


Hosp Physician 1999 Nov;35(11):35-36
Cullen’s Sign

Hosp Physician 1999 Sep;35(9):41-42
Stinchfield Resisted Hip Flexion Test

Hosp Physician 1999 Jul;35(7):23-24
Meningeal Signs: Kernig’s Sign and Brudzinski’s Sign

Hosp Physician 1999 May;35(5):25-26
Dupuytren’s Contracture

Hosp Physician 1999 Mar;35(3):29-30
Corrigan’s Sign

Hosp Physician 1999 Jan;35(1):21-22
Argyll Robertson Pupil


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