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Here is an opportunity to order black and white reprints of your article in large quantities. Each reprint is offset printed on double-sided, 70 lb offset white stock 11 X 17, folded and stapled, if required. (Please note that dark photographs may not reproduce clearly.)

To determine the size of your reprint, count up the number of pages in your article (not counting advertising) to the largest multiple of four. Thus a 5, 6, 7, or 8-page article will make an 8-page reprint. Prices include UPS shipping. Please allow four to five weeks for delivery after publication of the article or request for reprint order.

Size of Reprint
Quantity4 pages8 pages12 pages16 pages20 pages
For orders greater than 500, please call for a quotation.

Enclosed is a check payable to Turner White Communications, Inc. in the amount of $ _________ for _____ reprints. I understand that no order will be processed without prior payment. Return this form, with your check, to Reprints Department, 125 Strafford Avenue, Suite 220, Wayne, PA 19087-3391. Telephone: (610) 975-4541.

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